Reclaiming our history

Whenever a society or civilization fails, there is always one condition present. They forgot where they came from.”
- Carl Sandburg

In the late 1930’s, when Alcoholics Anonymous separated from the Oxford Group, it left behind a number of ideas and some of the Group’s most effective spiritual practices. Letting go of some of these was deemed necessary at the time; but Bill Wilson later lamented, “… something was lost from A.A. when we stopped emphasizing the morning meditation.”

We believe the rediscovery and daily practice of Two Way Prayer and the Four Absolutes add new dimensions of spiritual insight and adventure to our recovery programs.

We believe that these, along with other contemplative practices, compliment and enhance the spiritual growth we find within our 12-Step Fellowships.

We believe that some of these spiritual practices are best explored outside the rooms of our Fellowships. We support and respect our Fellowship’s Traditions.

We believe we are acting in the spirit of our other Co-founder Bill Wilson when he wrote:

“There is no reason why an A.A. group shouldn’t get together for Bible   study; no reason at all why a group of A.A.’s in a church should not    associate themselves into a sort of spiritual kindergarten fellowship, into which anyone might be invited. As a matter of fact, I am anxious to see this sort of thing tried.”
- Letter from Bill Wilson to Rev. Sam Shoemaker dated May 2, 1958

 We believe we are simply following the Big Book’s suggestion, “Be quick to see where religious people are right. Make use of what they offer.”