Bridging the divide between recovery and religion

Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob explored some of the cutting edges of spirituality in their own recoveries from addiction. Not unlike the mystics of all faiths and times, they sought direct EXPERIENCE of God rather than settling for mere KNOWLEDGE about God.

Friends of Dr. Bob attempts to bridge the divide between our Christian heritage and our 12 Step Fellowships. We are Christians and other spiritual seekers committed to finding a deeper relationship with God through Two Way Prayer and the Four Absolutes. We study some of the Pioneer literature as well as modern contemplative practices that enhance our faith journeys and strengthen our recoveries.

“He [the alcoholic] must have devotions every morning—a “Quiet Time” of prayer and some reading from the Bible and other religious literature. Unless this is faithfully followed, there is grave danger of backsliding.”
 - DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers, p. 131.

We want to join with like-minded people in any 12-Step Fellowship helping them start similar activities in their own communities. We hope some the following examples and templates will help you bring this added spiritual resource to your own community.

Friends of Dr. Bob Book Study Groups meet to read and discuss some of the literature the Pioneers studied along with any of today’s spiritual literature your group may wish to explore.  One of our Men’s Groups began with Emmet Fox’s Sermon on the Mount and later Richard Rohr’s Breathing Under Water (A Study 12 Step Spirituality.) Suggested meeting guide here.

Friends of Dr. Bob Two Way Prayer Groups meet weekly to share portions of their Two Way Prayer writings.  These support groups model for new members the practice of listening for God’s voice and seeking his guidance. (Suggested meeting guide here)

Friends of Dr. Bob Prayer Partners meet weekly by phone or in person to share their journal writings with one another. These persons may or may not be in sponsoring relationship; however, after leading a new person through the first nine Steps, this changes the relationship to encourage the new person to rely more upon God and less on his/or her sponsor.
(Suggested guidelines here)

Friends of Dr. Bob Bible Study Groups meet to study the scriptures in any format or using any Bible study programs the members may choose.

Friends of Dr. Bob Spiritual Retreats are ideal settings for learning and deepening the study of Two Way Prayer and other forms of contemplative practice.

Many 12 Step Groups meet annually to enjoy a weekend of spiritual practices and fellowship. (Suggested retreat guidelines here.)

Friends of Dr. Bob Recovery Worship are Christians services where spiritual seekers in recovery coming together weekly or monthly to give thanks, break bread as their tradition may suggest, and share time in worship with fellow seekers. Ordained clergy in recovery but often from different denominations generally lead these services. Groups are encouraged to experiment and develop models that might work for them.
(A suggested Episcopal Eucharist service here.)